Anonymous – Human Sound System

Anonymous – Clip /// Music: Yago // Lyrics: Yago/Sharian Human Sound System: Clarinette: Karim Baillieux Sax Ténor: Mathieu Angelo Sax Baryton: Seb Creppe Trompette: Loïc Dumoulin Trompette: François Wanlin Trombone: Kevin Igo Trombone: Chris Skizik Sousa: Fred Wanlin Percus: Sharian Davidian Percus: Felipe Briceno Ingé son: Kevin “Alf” Jaspar Réalisation : From the West coast to the East I see Uncle Sam Then I fly away but I face Marianne Even if I think, they want to know my mind But there is a place where I can make them blind I’m no one for them on this special place They can feel my breath but they’re losing my trace There’s a lot like me, and it’s time to be United and show them what together means We are anonymous We’re legion We don’t forgive We are anonymous We don’t forget Expect us. Undercover I can say what I think I’d like to write it down with indelible ink Nowadays in the streets my moves are caught on tape And my account is blocked if I don’t fit in the good shape When I give my friends a call one can know where I stand I surely didn’t know the traitor was in my hand Like in “24” every minute it’s getting late I know the final masterplan, I’m the enemy of the State We are anonymous… Don’t solve the problems with guns, use your clicks We protest against the silence of the elites Big Brother is everywhere bearing so many names All around the world the meaning of the word “freedom” remains the same They won’t leave any

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