Anonymous Is Hacking ISIS, But Warns Collaborating With US Government Is ‘Deeply Stupid’

The hacking collective Anonymous is battling ISIS online, but one of its most important voices has warned members that collaborating with the U.S. war on terror would be “deeply stupid.” The shadowy group issued a statement distancing itself from an offshoot, Ghost Security Group, which has been reportedly supplying the U.S. government with information about the Islamic State group in exchange for payments.

The statement, which came from the highly influential @YourAnonNews Twitter account (1.6 million followers), included a thinly veiled criticism of Ghost Security Group: “We think it’s great if people want to hack ISIS and publish their secrets,” the group said. “But engaging in social media censorship campaigns and dealing with intelligence contractors and government agents is deeply stupid. The former will contribute to legitimize the spread of internet censorship and will lead to the increased censorship for everyone, including Anonymous.”


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