Anonymous – Message to the PC Call of Duty YouTube Community

We are Anonymous. This is barely the beginning. Spread our message. TWITTER *********************** TRANSCRIPT To the Citizens of the PC Call of Duty Youtube community. We are Anonymous. We would like to emphasize that this is not a hate message as of this point. However, hatred may come forward depending on people’s decisions and acting from this point on. This is a message to the PC Call of Duty community in its entirety and especially the leaders of the big clans in the community, ROCKINeSports and StriatusGaming and all the members of those clans. This message is also targeted at the YouTube Cancers out there, the people hacking for clips, and the general people of the community. We are sick of the way people treat each other. We are sick of people hacking for clips. We are sick of lies. We are here to set some rules. People whine about how bad the community is every day. What people don’t understand is that they are the ones making the community. There is a few things that can and has to be done if the community is ever going to change; People need to think more about themselves and leave others alone. Telling someone their video was bad, and by then leaving a dislike is unnecessary. Another important thing is hackers. People hacking for clips set fake standards in which others will try to reach for. Sure making the standards higher is a good thing for the legitimate people wanting some challenge, but as for the worse players it will just make things more

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