Anonymous, Message to the People ” Battle Over Anonymity” Anonymous vs Siri

I am not a Hacktivist, but rather an artist. I believe the responsibility of great art is to raise more questions than answers. This video art series is an attempt to broaden the dialog surrounding the beliefs and methods of the group Anonymous; and the intersection of our own personal freedoms, private vs. public information, and the future of Neutrality on the Internet. This video was specifically uploaded and distributed via the internet on March 1st 2012, the exact day that Google launches its new Privacy policy, allowing them to harvest and sell more of your private data. Again, in an effort to raise questions surrounding how, why and to what extent is your personal data is being mined. Anonymous has carefully crafted an aesthetic that surrounds their message. I have absorbed the aesthetic and manipulated it. In an attempt to enhance their aesthetic I created several unique video sculptures to incorporate into the film. The film also incorporates video projection mapping, video optics, video sculptures embedded with infrared surveillance cameras, CCTV system, LCD screens, and LED’s. I envision the exhibition of this project as an immersive multi-channel video installation with physical video sculpture components. ANONYMOUS vs. SIRI “Battle over Anonymity” TEXT//____ You cannot join Anonymous and you cannot lead Anonymous because as an entity Anonymous does not exist.[Anon] Excuse me I am confused.[Siri] Individuality of expression is the beginning and end of all art