Anonymous: Operation BART – August 13, 2012

website: facebook twitter: Greetings, we are Anonymous. To the police men and women of the BART transit, we have missed you. Last year we held a weekly protest that brought attention to the issues regarding your BART police force. A very unprofessional and violent organization who have shown and proven many reasons why they should be disbanded. As we stand here today, one year later, the BART police have NOT been disbanded, they have not been punished for their crimes and have been given the power to shut off celluar phone service at will. We will march again to show that we have not forgotten the crimes you have committed against the citizens of The Bay Area, we WILL be there in full force and we will be there in Solidarity with the Occupy movement. On August 13th, at 5pm, in front of the civic center BART station, expect us.

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