Anonymous – Operation July 4th 2013 #OpJuly4th

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24 thoughts on “Anonymous – Operation July 4th 2013 #OpJuly4th

  1. AsocietyBrainwashed

    END THE FED . Ignorant men are dead men !

  2. Kevin Isek

    that’s ok; white people all look the same to me.

  3. DarkestSquall

    I don’t mind the mask but I can understand why they wear it. I think they wear it because it’s a very face fitting mask. Perhaps it’s also breathable and easy to see out of verses other things.. The world may never know.. >>; On another note… I want a pocket constitution…

  4. Someguy1103

    I actually don’t like the mask. I think I’d wear something different….

    Guy Fawkes was a dick in real life anyway if you research him.

    Still I support Anonymous.

  5. nickthekin

    fuck the goverment! why would people do that

  6. cookie assassin

    To all you haters who thinks that this mask is from V for Vendetta, you are wrong.
    The mask was originally used by Guido Fawkes, who tried to blow up the british parliament in 1605.
    The miss-understanding is your own intelligence.

  7. crazitaco

    we DO forgive?
    what is this? i don’t forgive them, i want the government to pay for what they’ve done!

  8. Spencer Shryock

    All of the CoD games are the same to me ._.

  9. Kevin Isek

    never enough cod. get some mother fucker.

  10. marc v

    people need to wake up… there are still protests going on across America, just because the Media doesn’t televise Occupy anymore doesn’t mean it’s not happening, continue to join them and make sure the world knows it


    the mistake of the idea of peace people have is that it is going to be forever in a place of duality. the only way to ensure peace is to be peace, not to make peace. like the video says, be example. The use of anonymous is the use of a symbol. since people unconsiously make use of symbols it is wise to use those to spread the word. Those who are unsure of the force that the symbol implies, search out how forces act, this wil not be text only. you must experience the use of force also.

  12. asdfmove123456789

    i can tell you this canada is not lazy for there rights like in 1994 the quebec

  13. brad skux

    so yous will forgive when all of yous are wiped out like shit

  14. Joshua Costello

    I didn’t say you were… I said right there “It is a stereotype”

  15. bob63721

    Well said my friend, The anonymous has a face, billions of them are still not unmasked and have not Been shown the truth, V for Vendeta is based on a modern guy fawkes and how he blows up parelament.

  16. MunkeySpaz

    It’s not that people “don’t know their rights” Its more like people just don’t care to know. They are ok being detained and questioned. They love being watched and they don’t like to think for themselves. That’s what’s wrong with America. They are all in a trance and love the pills they take day in and day out.

  17. MrJmonholl1

    After being in the military and I say this with all due respect to my fellow brotheren in arms, the reason we have the most powerful military in the world is primarliy because of the fire power we have. There are so many men and women in the military that are beyond lazy and over weight. Us have the most powerful military in the world has little to do with our men and women anymore.It is rediculous to keep the fat bodies in like they let them do all the time.

  18. bebahsilang

    FIIIINALLY!!!! WE DO FORGIVE!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. Bass Monger

    You are far beyond ignorant and incoherent to anything going on. Your so scared of someone or a collective of individuals “attacking” you and/or your country (mine also) that you do not see the main point of things. You read and summed up the paragraph, and made up your own meaning to what they were saying! learn what propaganda means and how to structure a sentence to send a full thought process. America used to be one of the top in education, lets bring it back up there!

  20. lcrince

    “We DO forgive”???????!!!???

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