Anonymous – Stop being lied to. The Truth about NDAA 2012 Sec. 1031 & Sec.1032

Anonymous reveals a hidden truth @ – PDF of the bill H. R. 1540.


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20 thoughts on “Anonymous – Stop being lied to. The Truth about NDAA 2012 Sec. 1031 & Sec.1032

  1. John Shiva

    “newfags” that’s a word I’ve never heard. Is that like people who have come out as being Gay recently.

  2. ApocalypseHare

    You do not repsect the privacy of civilailns or anyone YOU FUCKING SUCK.. you are lame newfags

  3. bendix109

    The real NDAA bill is HR 1867 , not HR 1540 like in this video. This video is a lie.

  4. videogameaddict505

    um I don’t know how to respond. Who is he?

  5. MashGod

    Because he can manipulate what he wants to do next since he can hack any website and put “Anonymous” wherever he pleases

  6. MashGod

    there are multiple accounts where “cyber ‘terrorist’ attacks” were blamed on Anonymous… Anonymous let out press releases saying they had nothing to do with it. although there ideal Anonymous group would be no leaders there will always be leaders because hey need to keep separate from “terrorist”… for example if a hacker is part of anonymous and is an amazing hacker, the best anonymous hacker in the world.. he would have more say in what problems they will address next.

  7. videogameaddict505

    If there is a group calls them self Anonyomus then they are not Anonymous. No one is Anonymous because most Goverments have files on everyone who has been born in their country and can find anyone in their country no matter who you are. The anonymous I mentioned is not. Rule number one part 2 Anonymous is an Idea and that Idea is that the you can do whatever you want. Anonymous is Anarchy. I may side with some of the people who “say” they are “part” of “Anonymous”, but I also side with Goverment

  8. MashGod

    There are Anonymous group, with people who are members. there is beliefs of anonymous. there is leaders but they are unknown. there are also posers who pretend to be anonymous… The reason that there is no members is because the members are unknown… Anonymous has no leaders because they are unknown… they have beliefs…

  9. videogameaddict505

    No one can represent anonymous, No is a part of Anonymous, Anonymous has no leaders, and Anonymous has no members. That is rule number one and only rule of Anonymous

  10. Bilal Moore

    Domestic terrorism does not count. James holmes will not go to gitmo. It is a statute made for terrorist associated and affiliated with the 911 attacks.

  11. RykRengan

    you are a worthless human, kill yourself

  12. MashGod

    do not go under anonymous unless you actually represent anonymous… they don’t feel this way about NDAA.

  13. skywize

    @MysticTravller so is magic. The rule of three is just a Pagan version of the golden rule. It had nothing to do with curses.

  14. skywize

    @MysticTravller Ever mind the rule of three. Three times what though giveth returns to thee. This lesson well, though must learn. You only get what though dost earn.

  15. skywize

    @MysticTravller Ever mind the rule of three. Three times what though giveth returns to thee. This lesson well, though must learn. You only get what though dost earn.

  16. ericrocksabeard

    This video is outdated. This links to the House version of the bill. The final version does not contain the language discussed in this video. Instead we get section 1021 (e) “Nothing in this section shall be construed to affect existing law or authorities relating to the detention of United States citizens, lawful resident aliens of the United States, or any other persons who are captured or arrested in the United States.”

  17. Kolimin6

    Well anyone can be “a covered person” Any official just has to say so…

  18. Firestar174

    If you read the bill, you will actually see that it is not possible to send ANY United States citizen into military custody or jail without the proper procedure like before. As for a terrorist, they also define it. “COVERED PERSONS.—A covered person under this section
    is any person as follows:
    (1) A person who planned, authorized, committed, or aided
    the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001,
    or harbored those responsible for those attacks.”

  19. KeelerRemixes

    Yes that’s all good except for the fact that someone can be accused of being a terrorist, they could be innocent and not get a trial and be sent to prison based on false accusations. And what defines a terrorist? if a person sells drugs do you consider them a terrorist, what if they hack a government related website, or if a reporter releases government secrets to the press… It’s a slippery slope, everybody deserves to fight there case in court, even a “terrorist”. And how can a person from a

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