Anonymous Takes Down Military Police of São Paulo Website against Football World Cup

Football world cup in Brazil will start in couple of days but cyber attacks against the tournament are already in progress.

Today the online hacktivist group Anonymous has taken down the official website of Military Police of São Paulo, Brazil in a powerful DDoS attack.

The attack was announced with hash tags like #FIFA2014 #OpMundial2014 and #OpHackingCup but not limited to the world cup.

After taking down the website of Military police, Anonymous left a press release on their blog with a message for Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff talking about massacres of Kayapo and other indigenous peoples. Click here to read the message.

Link of targeted website:

Screenshot of Military Police of São Paulo website shows it’s down since yesterday:

Anonymous Crushes Down Military Police of São Paulo Website
Another screenshot from a different browser shows that the website is down:

It all started in 2013 when hackers defaced and replaced FIFA Brazil World Cup website with protest footage. Last month Anonymous announced that it will start a massive cyber attack on companies and organizations sponsoring the Brazilian world cup. However, attack on Military Police of São Paulo website can be considered as one of the most high profile attack against the Brazilian government. 

At the time of publishing this article, the website of São Paulo Military Police was down.

If you know about any cyber attack or hacking news related to the Brazilian world up, feel free to share with us by clicking here.

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