Anti-phishing program launches during Cyber Security Awareness Month

The NDSU Information Technology Division is launching an anti-phishing awareness, training and simulation program this month. It is designed to empower students, faculty and staff to protect themselves against phishing scams.

As part of the program, simulated phishing emails will be sent to students, faculty and staff. Those who interact with these messages will be redirected to additional information and training materials on how to detect similar phishing attempts by cyber criminals. While these messages are intended to look like real phishing messages, they will not cause harm, collect personal information or result in any penalty or punitive action.

NDSU students, faculty and staff have access to a new tool for reporting phishing scams: Those who suspect they have received a phishing message can forward it directly to the report-a-phish email address, which keeps intact important information that may help IT staff identify the source of the scam. The NDSU IT Help Desk is also available to confirm whether or not a suspicious message is a phishing scam.

The anti-phishing program also includes educational information and training materials designed to help participants identify various types of phishing scams, recognize common baiting tactics used in these scams, and understand proactive and reactive options for protecting accounts and personal information.

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. NDSU’s anti-phishing program is developed by an interdepartmental working group with representatives from Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, Student Senate, Registration and Records, Institutional Research and Analysis, Agriculture Communication and the Information Technology Division.


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