The Anti-Virus is Anti-You actually!

Heartbleed bug is like into the skins. It can be assessed by the fact that the anti-bug that was introduced for the removal of Heartbleed is infected too, Systematic Researchers found.

The Heartbleed is threatening the internet users since a month and everyone is changing their passwords in frenzy. It looks like that everyone is required to restore his or her passwords once again, as the Heartbleed is not out of system yet. Those users, who do not have more idea about the bug, get affected by the bug.

The removal software is the one, which appears as an attachment and runs the software. The software gives the results that the system is clean, which is not. When the users run the software, it installs the keylogger in the background, which takes the screenshots and information out from your computers.

The snatched information and shots are sent to the unknown server, which then uses them for mal-purposes.

Do not trust any virus removal attachment and never download it in your computer.

The Anti-Virus is Anti-You actually!

Hi Tech Crime Solutions,,,