AOL Announces Original Cyber-Crime Series Digital Justice, Debuting Today on AOL On Tech


AOL announced the launch of Digital Justice, a weekly reality
show that follows digital forensic investigators as they solve cyber
crimes. Starring Terry Schappert, a Master Sergeant currently serving on
an A team in the U.S. Army Special Forces, the five episode series deep
dives into fascinating crime prevention units that are using the latest
digital technology, showcasing protection products including shielded
wallets and in-home monitoring systems, and providing tips and advice
for viewers.

The series can be seen today on AOL
On Tech
as well as on HuffPost
, where users can engage with a robust social experience by
commenting, sharing and badging. AOL gave more than 450 brand
advertisers, marketers, agencies, digital and TV media buyers a sneak
peek of the new series at its Digital Content NewFront today in New York

Episodes will include:

  • ShotSpotter – Gunshot Detection System: A gunshot is heard in a
    residential neighborhood and within seconds, audio sensors around the
    city pinpoint the exact location of the discharge. This is how
    Minneapolis Police apprehended and convicted Christopher James Hayes
    for murder.
  • LRAD – Long Range Acoustic Hailing Devices (Cover Your Ears): With
    the Occupy Wall Street protests in full force, some police departments
    around the nation have dispersed crowds with a new piece of technology
    that has some critics shrieking. See what the controversy is all about.
  • Digisensory Technologies Avista Smart Sensors: Minority Report
    Comes to Life:
    In recent years, East Orange, N.J.’s crime
    rate has dropped by nearly two-thirds. How did they do it? By being
    one of the first cities in the nation to implement the Avista Smart
    Sensor, a system that claims to track and predict crime before it
  • Recon Robot/Scout: SWAT’s Secret Weapon: Training for a
    potential hostage crisis, East Bay Parks SWAT unveils a special tool
    that gets them into the scene of the crime without risking lives.
  • Virtra Systems: Crime Fighting Simulations: Digital Justice
    visits Virtra Systems to scope out the company’s virtual training
    facility, which is utilized by military and law enforcement officials
    to prepare for real-life conflicts.

Terry Schappert’s passion for forensics began nearly 20 years ago when
he joined the 82nd Airborne Division. He is an expert on
small arms, demolition, conventional and unconventional military tactics
and combat medicine. Viewers may recognize him from The History
Channel’s Warriors where he traveled the globe experiencing the
training, rituals and weapons of history’s most iconic warrior cultures.
In addition to his military credentials, Terry is a licensed paramedic,
scuba certified, speaks several languages, has extensive martial arts
training, and a degree in anthropology.

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