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Is the problem becoming clearer?

Following a long discussion between ImperialHal and Pirate Software, a major Apex Legends hack update has emerged.

Pirate Software is a leading Cyber Security expert. He’s worked for gaming companies like Blizzard, and even been hired by the US Government.

He has been investigating the Apex Legends Hack, providing key updates and clarity for the community while EA and Respawn conduct their official explanation. As he states repeatedly, these are all his working assumptions and he is looking into this for fun.

Whats the latest Apex Legends hack update?

Today Pirate Software sat down with ImperialHal to gather the Apex CEO’s perspective and information on exactly how his account was compromised.

ImperialHal was the second player to be impacted by Destroyer2009 during the now abandoned ALGS Regional Finals. Destroyer2009 seemed to be able to access ImperialHal’s PC in some way, to install and activate cheats.

There was two likely possibilities for this to be the case. Remote Code Execution, or a direct access to ImperialHal’s computer. Remote Code Execution would have had much worse implications for the state of Apex Legends.

However, todays Apex Legends hack Update seems to reveal it was ImperialHal’s computer being accessed directly by the Destroyer2009.

ImperialHal hack came directly to his PC

This was discovered by Hal using Malwarebytes after the Apex Legends hack. He immediately scanned his PC, and the programme flagged up a direct connection to his computer from an unknown IP.

(Photo EA/Joe Brady)

Pirate Software has investigated this IP, and it is a known address used for malicious attacks. That seems to show that the Apex Legends hack came directly to Hal’s computer rather than through the game itself.

However, it is unknown how Genburten was hacked by Destroyer2009. This Apex Legends hack Update does not explain that aspect of the attack. Genburten claims he freshly installed Windows before the Regional Finals.

Of course, this is all speculation (or an educated guess) from Pirate Software. He was keen to emphasise that no issues can be ruled out yet, but this seems like a much more likely reason. Until we get an official Apex Legends hack update from EA/Respawn everything is unconfirmed.

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