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Appeal court declines extended supervision order for sex offender | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

A sex offender who is now in the community will not be on an extended supervision order, after winning his case at the Court of Appeal.


A sex offender who is now in the community will not be on an extended supervision order, after winning his case at the Court of Appeal.

A serial masturbator who had exposed himself more than 44 times while serving a jail term of four years for sexual violation has been deemed not enough of an offender for an extended supervision order.

Corey Reuben​, 23, was jailed in 2018 after attacking a woman in Allenby Terrace in central Wellington where he choked her and masturbated on her. He had earlier exposed himself in a supermarket.

While in prison, he exposed himself multiple times and masturbated while women were watching.

When Reuben was due to be released, the Department of Corrections applied for a five-year long extended supervision order, which allows Corrections to monitor a released offender.

A judge gave him a two-year extended supervision order that Reuben had appealed and asked for name suppression saying that low level exposures did not reach the threshold of serious sexual offending.

His lawyer Seth Fraser​ said “One serious event and a clump of low-level events do not make a pervasive pattern.”

The Court of Appeal granted his appeal and quashed the extended supervision order.

“We accept that Mr Reuben has demonstrated a pattern of problematic, harmful sexual behaviour throughout his life. On one occasion in 2017, preceded by a more minor incident, Mr Reuben quickly gravitated to serious sexual offending. There have been many other occasions since that offending when minor incidents have not gravitated to serious offending.”

The court said Reuben was recorded by the Department of Corrections as indecently exposing himself to prison staff, nursing staff and other health professionals at the prison 44 times.

Corrections thought that was likely an underestimation. Reuben had explained that it was true, was always to female staff and “the main reason was boredom, but also sexual arousal or low mood, and interest in how the targeted staff member would respond.

The court said, however, it did not agree that, individually or together, those points lead to the conclusion that Mr Reuben currently displays an intense drive, desire, or urge to commit a relevant sexual offence.

They said Reuben had not committed another sexual offence since his release in 2021 and the court said it did not consider there was evidence to support a finding that Reuben was currently at high risk of committing a relevant sexual offence.

The court also refused him permanent name suppression.

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