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So, these clowns blame Google now for the failure of for the Pixel 4s numbers?

Who’s the blame for all Google phones for the last 10-years?

Nah, they sound like puppets that’s trying to get a job somewhere else or is try to open its own company.


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In the words of Goku to HTC:



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Mopar Guy, 1 hour agoPixel2 Owner here, I get it too, the phones are great but you don’t get much for the price, I … moreHey, you never know, perhaps a GCam port will arrive to that phone!


Both these guys are worth their weight in gold. Hopefully they join another organisation that values their immense contribution and talent.


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“Even during the development phase, the two key employees were not happy with most of the Pixel 4 and 4 XL specs.”

I haven’t found this in other articles from other websites. Not sure whether gsmarena quotes the source correctly.


Google thought to succeed the Nexus but bring back its worst flaws with none of its workability and even worse quality control. No expandable memory, an inconsistent product support schedule, with more defects than any other actual premium handset currently out on the market.

Pixel (G1): haloing effects on camera with various antennae and radio bricking issues related to OS updates

Pixel 2: disgusting plastic dipped body, horribly defective displays, sporadic overheating issues

Pixel 3: god awful notch and chin combination, probably the most software bricking issues of the past two generations combined, and the 3a series had crooked ports

Pixel 4: no fingerprint scanner, bogus security credentials on the face unlock, this phone proved further the uselessness of the Stadia console which was DoA even back during its announcement

What a gas, selling an Android phone at this price with no expandable memory.


I hope they’re back in employment, or employed soon. I imagine Mar would get scooped up by Apple, but I hope the chinese companies consider putting more resources towards recruiting people like him, then they could undercut Apple and Pixel with equal or better photo quality.


Anonymous, 1 hour agoOhhh watch that “beautiful” Frankenstein forehead in a plastic featureless body with also smal… moreA top bezel will still be better than a stupid notch or hole, only pop up camera can beat that, but peoples complain about non existing problem about them…

And the unlock with closed eyes is not only fixed, but also based on 3D facial recognition that is still way better than the stupid 2D one which, by the way, also unlock with closed eyes sometimes, also who ever was in a situation where having eyes closed was causing a big security threat anyway ?


Pixel2 Owner here, I get it too, the phones are great but you don’t get much for the price, I am waiting for the 4a, two reasons keeping me from the Pixel4 the lack of finger print and small battery, I love a compact phone but I need good battery too, I am waiting to see the 4a but I am 90% buying the Galaxy S10 Lite, I know I’ll be losing on Google’s great camera but sadly, I cannot justify pixel 4 even at the discounted $600 price tag for the 128GB, been proud owner since Nexus phones but it is not fulfilling my needs anymore!


Ohhh watch that “beautiful” Frankenstein forehead in a plastic featureless body with also small battery. Then add the addional post release hardware failures and bugs. Amazing unlock with closed eyen. Put all in a mixer and taste the amazing flavor of Pixels.


Googles hardware are pure trash


So if that Marc Levoy guy left Google, would Google retained their position as the leader in computational photography?


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