Apple’s iOS 10 Jailbreak Release News: No Jailbreak Available; Serial iOS Hackers Cannot Impenetrate Apple’s Tightened Security?

Apple users are now expecting the full version of iOS 10.2 Beta 4 to be initiated this week, which the company has officially announced with its public beta version just this weekend. Meanwhile, everyone has been asking whether an iOS jailbreak tool will be available as well. It’s been months since Apple released the iOS 10; however, there are no details yet regarding a jailbreak version of the said mobile operating system.

Since the release of iOS 10, jailbreak lovers have been anticipating jailbreaks from serial iOS hackers — but until now, they continue to remain silent. Pangu, a Chinese programming team, were rumored to release a tool after Apple debuted the iOS 10; however, they are still nowhere to be found. Even Luca Todesco, a notorious hacker, is mum about an iOS 10 jailbreak version; his advice to jailbreak community members before was: instead of updating to a new version of iOS 10.2, they should continue using iOS 10.1.1 — especially if they don’t want to pay for apps being sold in the Apple Store.

There is no clear reason as to why there were no released iOS jailbreak tools from the famous hackers yet; however, it garnered speculations that they may have surrendered to the seemingly impenetrable Apple iOS 10.2 — due to Apple’s efforts of tightening the security of their latest mobile operating system. On the other hand, Apple users should be aware of fake iOS 10 jailbreak tools — fly-by-night sites entice users into a trap. Although jailbreaks offer free access for some apps on Apple devices, it is still very risky as the phone will be exposed to more hackers — who will eventually get the phone owner’s personal information, bank accounts, and other important details, NEWSEVERYDAY reported.

While Pangu Jailbreak Tools are some of the most trusted and well-known in the market, there are several reports claiming that there are other good alternative jailbreaks for iOS 10 — two of which mentioned are Tweakbox and Mojo by Cydia. On the other hand, Apple warns that as soon as the device has already been jailbroken, the device’s warranty will be void or it might not work anymore. Note that if Apple users are really eager to do such, they can still download the jailbreak tool without updating their Apple devices with an iOS 10.2 beta software.

In other news, Apple’s latest public beta version iOS 10.2 Beta 7 for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is the second update this week. The new beta update’ features include three new wallpapers for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, a new TV app, Unicode 9.0 emoji, added camera features, and new screen effects for Messages.


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