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Arc System Works releases official statement about Guilty Gear Strive hack exploit, says they’re investigating with full urgency | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Guilty Gear Strive players have been struggling with an exploit that hackers are reportedly using to make the game unplayable. Last week, the issues came to a head when streamers and specifically targeted players spoke up about how they were being affected.

Arc System Works came forward with an official statement on the matter early this morning. The company behind Guilty Gear stated that they are investigating the situation with full urgency and seriousness.

“Notice regarding the recent exploit attacks in Guilty Gear -Strive-” wrote the game’s official Twitter account. Along with the tweet was an image providing the statement that begins by assuring fans that ArcSys is aware of the exploit.

“We have become aware of a series of attacks from an exploit targeting players in game, whereby the exploit has been reported to cause unwanted player messages, game freezes and crashes,” the statement begins. After letting the public know that the company is moving towards a swift solution, they recommend that players who are impacted by these attacks exit out of the online game modes and let their support team know what happened immediately.

ArcSys also notes that if you get hit by this exploit and are using external programs or tools (like mods) for Guilty Gear Strive, it may affect how quickly their support team can identify your issues and fix them. It’s probably a good idea to disable any mods you have for the game until the exploit is patched out.

The main use of this exploit is to immediately freeze the game for both players who are in the match. In order to get out of the freeze, players must perform a hard reset.

Those who are using this exploit are targeting players’ R-codes, and by manipulating it they can cause various unintentional behavior to occur. According to pro player Moist|Hotashi, hacking the R-code can also result in a memory leak in the Strive client that slows down the game so much it severely drops the frame rate making it unplayable even in Training Mode.

Others have reported that hackers are using other players’ R-codes to impersonate them and send messages, which opens up the door to said players being banned.

Until it is fully patched out, the best way for you to avoid being affected by the exploit is to not engage in any of Guilty Gear Strive’s online modes. Your safest bet right now is to play the game in offline mode until an update arrives.

You can read Arc System Works’ statement in its entirety below.

Arc System Works’ full statement

Regarding the recent exploit attacks in GGST

We have become aware of a series of attacks from an exploit targeting players in game, whereby the exploit has been reported to cause unwanted player messages, game freezes and crashes.

We are investigating this case with full urgency and seriousness, and are moving towards implementing a prompt solution.

For users who experience such attacks, we suggest exiting online game modes, and informing our user support team immediately. For those making use of external programs or tools that affect GGST in any manner, please be aware that this may slow our support team’s ability to accurately identify the source of your issue.

We are working to provide a safe and reliable environment for users to play our games, and such malicious exploits will be handled appropriately.
We thank all users for your support and understanding.


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