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Dear Editor,

On September 23, 2021, then Fairfax School Board Chair Stella Pekarsky (running for State Senate District 36) shut off a mother’s mike and recessed the Board for reading and showing images from a hard-core porn book from her son’s Fairfax high school library.  Three months later, Pekarsky joined a unanimous vote to approve this same pornographic book in Fairfax schools.  Pekarsky brags about her FCPS Board opposition to Governor Youngkin’s common-sense policy requiring schools to inform parents of their child’s transitioning to another sex.  She wants the Northam rules that allow for secrecy and for boys to use girls’ bathrooms and play on girls’ sports teams. Two sexual assaults occurred in girls’ bathrooms in Loudoun County schools because of Northam’s policies.

Karrie Delaney is running for re-election for Delegate of District 9.  Delaney co-sponsored the bill creating the Northam policies.  Delaney and Pekarsky are funded by Planned Parenthood, whose primary services are abortion and “inclusive gender-affirming care.” 

Delaney claims all sexual material in the schools is “age-appropriate” and condemns parents who complain. Age-appropriate wasn’t the initial reaction of the School Board (or the audience) when they were exposed to the material.  Either Delaney has commented on material she has not reviewed, or she has a very high threshold for pornography, but I doubt she reads these books with her kids.  She is openly misleading the public. Delaney voted against requiring schools to notify parents before exposing children to sexual material. She would deny parents the right to know why their child is traumatized.

Most youth organizations require volunteers and staff training to recognize signs of sexual predators – traffickers look for the vulnerable (children who are uncomfortable socially), desensitize them with pornographic material, and tell them not to tell their parents.  Hmmm.  Sounds like the playbook for schools promoted by Stella Pekarsky and Karrie Delaney.  Before you vote, do you want these women speaking for you and your children in Richmond?

Mary Beth Style, MSW


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