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Are We Nearly There Yet? How to Plan the Perfect Family Road Trip | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey

There’s something incredibly exciting and romantic about the idea of hitting the open road. Windows down, music playing, quirky roadside diners along the way, maybe even a stopover in a cool retro motel; a road trip is the perfect way to explore new places and take in the sites. Or at least it would be if it wasn’t interrupted every ten minutes with endless questions, continual requests for snacks, and a constant need to stop for a pee! Road trips family-style can certainly hit differently but taking on board our helpful tips and tricks can make the journey that little smoother and ultimately more enjoyable.

Choose your starting point with caution

Straight from home

If your road trip is beginning from your own front door then you can, of course, use your own car provided you’ve had your vehicle recently serviced and are confident it will go the distance – it’s probably more convenient and cost-effective. However, do remember that you may have to travel quite some way before it stops feeling like any other car ride and starts feeling like a road trip. Beware of your passengers getting fed up with the car before you’ve even crossed state lines!

Fly and Drive

A great alternative is to jump on a flight first then hop in a hire car when you’ve reached a more exotic-feeling starting point! Changing up the family car on a road trip instantly makes things more exciting, not to mention comfortable. Some rental companies will be able to provide added extras from child safety seats to GPS and state-of-the-art aircon which can make a huge difference on a long journey. They often don’t come cheap, though, so many road trippers are looking for coupons and vouchers such as Avis Discount Codes as a way to save money on overall rental costs or bag a free upgrade. If you’re going to hire a car, you could even let the kids get in on the action and have their say on the type of car they’d like!

Keep the entertainment entertaining


It’s easy to reach for the tablet when you’re traveling, but if you can, try and save it as a last resort. If you’re driving through lakes and mountains the last thing you want is for your child to be hunched over a tablet, missing all the wonderful sites. Also looking down for too long can make little ones uncomfortable and staring at a screen can cause travel sickness. Tablets are a useful reserve for when traffic is at a standstill, the vista is less awe-inspiring, or you’ve had enough and want to drive in peace for half an hour!  


There are plenty of downloadable audiobooks or try going old school: visit the library before you set off and grab a few audio CDs. With everything from the works of Roald Dahl to the entire Harry Potter Collection, you’ll be able to find something for all ages to enjoy.


You can also use the journey to get them to learn something new without them even realizing! Try downloading a couple of family-friendly podcasts before the journey – you’ll be surprised at how much they take in!

Create a family playlist

Before you go make a playlist featuring favorite songs from every family member. You could also create themed playlists to coincide with your route.

Play games

There are myriad quizzes and fun family games that can bring the whole family together and are far more entertaining than I-Spy!

Keep them calm and comfortable

Source: Pexels

Avoiding travel sickness

“I feel sick”: the three dreaded words no parent wishes to hear on a long journey! Preventative measures such as anti-motion sickness medicine and acupressure wristbands can all help to relieve symptoms. Looking at a tablet or reading can make travel symptoms worse so stick with the audio stories and music. Make sure your child keeps their eyes on the horizon and wind the window down for some fresh air. If you’re stopping for lunch mid-drive stick to blander, more beige foods to keep little tummies settled.

Home comforts

If you’re driving into the night, then the little ones may need a nap. This might be more likely to happen if they have a couple of home comforts with them such as a pacifier, comforters and a favorite teddy. A nice tactile blanket and a novelty kids’ travel pillow are also great additions.

Pit stops

Make sure you have an idea of places you can stop along the way for a comfort break. If your kid is likely to declare they ‘gotta go bathroom’ every ten minutes, stick to water and avoid fizzy and sugary drinks. Remember travel safety experts recommend that you take a 15-minute break every two hours to recharge, refocus and get the circulation moving.

With a bit of careful planning, plenty of scheduled rest stops and a few entertainment options up your sleeve, there’s no reason as to why a road trip can’t be fun for all the family. Remember to treat the journey as part of the holiday, be flexible and keep up a sense of wonder and excitement along the way and you’ll be guaranteed a journey filled with memories to treasure of precious family time together.

Photo by Anton Luzhkovsky on Unsplash

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