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Argentina unveils 2nd cybersecurity strategy | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware


Argentina unveils 2nd cybersecurity strategy

The Argentine innovation department published its second national cybersecurity strategy, outlining the country’s principles and objectives for combating cybercrime.

The strategy has seven key objectives: Strengthen the institutional system to address the cybersecurity problem at the federal level, protection of the nation’s critical infrastructure, protection and recovery of public sector information systems, increased education and training of cybersecurity specialists, regulatory framework development and international cooperation, and improve prevention, detection and response capacities.

It contains a plan to create provincial computer emergency response centers and encourage investment in infrastructure protection.

The strategy foresees the implementation of standards, international norms and audits to strengthen information systems in the public sector, and develop national monitoring capacities for the detection of traffic going to infrastructure that is controlled by cybercriminals, among others.

The country will also create a cybersecurity management and cooperation unit, which will be in charge of promoting collaboration and coordination between different entities in order to meet the key objectives.

In January, the IDB approved a US$30mn loan for Argentina to implement a cybersecurity program for critical information infrastructure with the aim of supporting the country’s cybersecurity strategy, improving early-stage detection capacity and increasing the number of IT security professionals.

The Argentine government recently suffered several attacks on its computer systems, including one that had a major impact on PAMI, the unit that provides social and medical services to retirees.

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