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Looks like the dating game in Arkansas could be a dangerous one if you’re not careful. Online dating is popular and the norm now for finding true love. 

A new study shows that 1 in 4 couples now meet through a dating app. Online dating has become a big business. If you are looking for your one and only, your ride or die Arkansas is now listed as one of the most dangerous states for online dating. So be careful.

But Arkansas isn’t alone Texas and Louisiana made the Top Ten list of Most Dangerous States for Online Dating as well and they are more dangerous than Arkansas.

How did they come up with this information? did a study and they looked at information from the FBI, Federal Trade Commission, The Census Bureau and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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They looked into the number of romance scams, registered sex offenders, violent crimes, identity theft, fraud and sexually transmitted diseases. Then they looked at these risk factors per 100,000 people to rank each state.

The most dangerous state for online dating is Nevada followed by Alaska.

Arkansas came in at #10 in the Most Dangerous States for Online Dating

Tero Vesalainen

Tero Vesalainen

4.6 romance scams per 100,000 people, identity theft at 133, number of fraud cases at 200. Then there were 606 sex offenders and 926 STDs reported

Texas came in at #9

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4.4 romance scams, 278 identity theft cases, 329 fraud, 336 sex offenders and 781.5 STDs reported

Louisiana came in at # 8



3.4 romance scams,  221 identity thefts, 308 cases of fraud,  287 sex offenders and 1,147 reports of STDs.

You can see the whole report including the safest states for online dating.

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