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Arming school staff and a ‘stand your ground’ law being considered in Nebraska | #schoolsaftey

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — After the passage of permitless concealed carry, a longtime priority of gun rights supporters, a state senator says he’s looking at next steps.

Some of the options Sen. Tom Brewer is considering include a “stand your ground” law and arming faculty.

“Stand your ground” means a person can use force against someone they think poses an immediate threat without having to retreat first.  

“It’s really just cleaning up the language,” said Patricia Harrold with the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association. “You still have to apply the standards for which it’s justifiable to defend yourself.” 

Critics say this encourages more violence and disproportionately affects minorities.

“Adding guns into our communities does not makes us safer; adding guns makes us in more danger,” said Melody Vaccaro with Nebraskans Against Gun Violence. “It creates war zones between neighbors. It heats up situations when they’ve already been hot.”  

In a weekly update shared with Channel 8, Brewer says he’s introduced an interim study resolution to examine school security issues.

He believes we should discuss “letting public and private schools decide at the local level whether to use off-duty police officers, private security guards, or even key specially trained staff and faculty as armed responders in case of a deadly threat.”

It’s currently a crime for anyone other than law enforcement to carry a gun at Nebraska schools.

When a school makes a decision to arm staff, they aren’t receiving proper training in a lot of cases,” said Jayden Speed with Students Demand Action. “Law enforcement receives hundreds of hours of training, and that’s why law enforcement is the only entity allowed to carry a firearm in our state schools.” 

Brewer said he’s asked Sen. Dave Murman, chairman of the Education Committee, to hold a hearing on the resolution.

He’s planning to invite administrators, teachers and law enforcement to share their ideas.

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