Army Reserves will become cyber security specialists

The UK government is looking to enlist specialists in cyber security into the army reserves as part of an overhaul of the military announced by defence secretary Philip Hammond.

According to a report from the Independent, the Territorial Army, which will be renamed Army Reserves, will be doubled in size and have a new role in countering new technology threats.

The aim is to offer the 30,000 reservists enhanced training programmes that will bring them closer to the standards of the regular force members.

House of Commons the changes are key to ensuring the country has the military capability it needs in the years to come.

“The job we are asking our reservists to do is changing. The way we organise and train them will also have to change,” he remarked.

Cyber security has become a major facet in the defence of the UK and this is a move that shows its prominence as a vital part of national defence.

Interestingly, the plan recognises these cyber security skill sets already exist in civilians who are in relevant professions. These people can bring their knowledge to the military as reservists while continuing their professional careers.

This major issue has become of paramount importance for the UK in order to protect the country’s critical infrastructure from attack. Organisations and governmental departments are also being targeted by cyber criminals, with many losing information as a result.

The US is also boosting its defences and the Pentagon now has its own cyber security task force, which is dedicated to thwarting any attacks.

Earlier this year a report from the National Audit Office said the UK lacks the skills required to combat the threats and that it would be vulnerable for the next 20 years.

It is vitally important for the government to invest in the education of the up and coming professionals who will fill future cyber security jobs as this is a threat that is not going to go away.



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