The Art of Cyber War: Adaptive Threat Protection

With the spike in advanced, zero-day and targeted attacks, it’s more difficult than ever to detect them quickly and respond in time—and no one has unlimited resources to address the large number of malicious incidents. It’s now a problem of scale: how do you quickly focus your resources on the greatest risks to your most critical assets? The real technology issue is fragmented tools and lack of context around threats and the assets they impact. You need a solution that provides high-confidence, actionable information with context about the threat and the affected assets. This solution must also help your organization quickly respond, to limit the financial and information loss in case of a breach.
The solution to the unprecedented cyberthreat problem that organizations face today is what we call Adaptive Threat Protection™, which provides the necessary context to help organizations detect and respond faster—and with more precision—to threats and vulnerabilities, reducing the cyberthreat gap. Adaptive Threat Protection is based on real-time intelligence and analysis—including endpoint intelligence, vulnerability intelligence, log and event intelligence and threat intelligence—combined in an integrated and automated manner. This threat protection solution enables highly granular threat analytics and forensics capability as well as the ability to detect and adaptively respond to zero-day and today’s advanced threats.

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