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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Ascension Health has confirmed a cyber security incident last week is a ransomware attack. Ascension in a statement said they’re still navigating an investigation.

Right now, Ascension says they don’t know exactly what may have been compromised that investigation is still ongoing. They’re also still working to get their systems back up and running, so it takes a little longer as employees are entering everything manually.

If you’re a patient and you have an appointment here’s what you need to do, according to Ascension: still show up for that appointment, but they’re asking you to bring any appointment notes you may have. Having a list of any of your symptoms, current medications you’re on, and prescription numbers or the bottles, is also fine.

Ascension Health has confirmed a cyber security incident last week is a ransomware attack.

They say out of an abundance of caution some non-emergent elective procedures, tests, and appointments have been temporarily put on hold until they can bring their systems back online.

Right now, several of their hospitals have their emergency services diverted to other local hospitals. So if you need ER care, call 911 and they’ll get you to the right hospital. We are seeing these cyber security issues pop up more. An expert tells us it is vital for everyone to monitor their credit and identity.

They shared these tips.

“Get a credit report so you can check that out so you can go to the annual credit report and receive that on a weekly basis, but set up a plan to establish monitoring your identity from that perspective. That’s monitoring your social security number and your financial identity. The other thing to monitor is your explanation of benefits as it relates to your health insurance, so be sure when you receive those statements that you’re opening them up and making sure those are the appointments that you’ve had,” Michelle Reinen, a DATCP Administrator.

We have more tips and smart practices for you linked here.

Action 2 News did reach out multiple times Monday to Ascension to request an interview. We have yet to hear back.


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