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AUSTIN (KXAN) — Doctors and nurses at Ascension Seton in Austin can access electronic health records again Tuesday, almost a month after a ransomware attack.

“This will allow most hospital departments, physician offices and clinics to use electronic documentation, charting, and ordering systems. Patients should see improved efficiencies and wait times,” Ascension wrote on its website.

Hospitals and clinics remained open, but employees had to put everything on paper during the disruption, which began May 8.

Facilities in Florida, Alabama and Austin all have their electronic health records restored, Ascension said, which also means its pharmacy services are also working again. The company added it hoped to have those same systems back up and running for every other facility by June 14. It is still working to restore access to other systems.

KXAN spoke with medical staff and patients about the systems being down. Staff said it was difficult to do their jobs amid “major delays” and patients reported long wait times.

Ascension notified the FBI and said previously it was working with other cybersecurity experts to investigate the attack.

“We again want to thank our patients and community for your support through this time and to our dedicated clinicians who continue to provide quality care,” Ascension wrote in an update Tuesday.


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