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Asian hornets attack 10 Brits as they hit UK mainland | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

Ten people have been stung by Asian hornets after they arrived on the UK mainland. The hornets have been found on the British island of Jersey for years, and this year have already attacked 10 people.

DEFRA has now announced that the invaders have been found on the mainland, with a sighting in Kent. So far this year 476 queens have been found in Jersey – six times the figure for the whole of 2022.

It’s the sixth confirmed UK mainland sighting since April, when an Asian hornet was captured near Newcastle-upon-Tyne, reports The Mirror.

Asian hornet stings have led to the deaths of at least five people in France, with more victims in other European countries. The venom can cause people to go into anaphylactic shock. Victims can die within minutes of being attacked unless they receive urgent medical treatment.

After the sightings this week in Kent, experts are monitoring the entire south of England. John de Carteret, head of the Jersey Asian Hornet swat squad, said: “After a record day for Asian Hornet Primary and/or Secondary nests yesterday their number stays at 77.

“The number of people confirmed as stung remains at ten.” He also warned: “There’s a long way to go here, especially whilst they are effectively uncontrolled in France.”

Mr de Carteret was earlier this year involved in an Asian hornet hunt when a huge nest was found in toilets at the former Tamba Park activity centre in St Lawrence, Jersey.

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