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If you’re big on Asian dating, then you might have heard of AsianDate, a niche dating site with thousands of attractive Asian ladies.

AsianDate is big on technology and allows for three-way calls with an interpreter. You can also send virtual (and real) gifts, view videos on profiles, and live chat with beautiful Asian girls.

But despite these features, is AsianDate the right dating website for you?

To help you out, we’ll provide an in-depth review of AsianDate, paying close attention to its features, sign up process, pros, and cons. We’ll even review some competitor sites just to help you make the choice that best meets your preferences.

Ready? Then let’s get straight to our review! 

What Is AsianDate?

AsianDate, as the name suggests, is a decent dating website targeting men who prefer Asian ladies for love and dating.

For over 20 years, AsianDate has linked thousands of Western men to Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, and plenty of other women with various Asian backgrounds.

And although mostly known for short-term relationships and casual flings, AsianDate is also ideal for long-term relationships, with some members claiming to have found their better halves on the platform.

Unlike other dating services that link you up with ladies from all over the world, AsianDate only accepts female members from Asian countries, making it a great hunting ground if you’re seriously into Asian dating.

Is AsianDate A Scam?

AsianDate is not a scam. However, the Asian dating website has been at the center of some controversies in the recent past.

In 2015, AsianDate was slapped with a lawsuit for publishing unauthorized photos of women to market its services. Fortunately, AsianDate resolved the issue fast before it got out of hand.

Another major issue of concern with AsianDate is the quality of its member profiles.

Several members have highlighted their concern over the ever-increasing number of fake profiles and bots on the site.

The good news, however, is that live chat and CamShare can help you determine whether you’re interacting with a real Asian hottie or a bot.

Either way, you should be on the lookout for suspicious profiles as you’re likely to bump into one or two while browsing the Asian dating website.

Don’t hesitate to report fake profiles to the support team, or better yet, you can avoid interacting with members that have incomplete or suspicious profiles.

The Sign Up Process On AsianDate

Signing up on AsianDate is pretty straightforward and should take you no more than 5 minutes.

The dating site allows you to sign up via your Google account or manually by keying in your basic details like name, birth date, email address, and preferred password.

AsianDate only opens its doors to men.

So if you’re a lady looking to try your luck with other ladies on the platform, you’re better off looking elsewhere as AsianDate is exclusively for men in search of pre-registered (and verified) Asian women.

Once done with signing up, AsianDate will redirect you to your dashboard, where you’ll get to view several profiles of attractive women.

You can choose to click on the Start Live Chat or Start CamShare buttons if you want to get straight to flirting via video cam sharing. For best outcomes, however, it’s best to complete your profile before initiating contact!

AsianDate allows members to upload a maximum of 4 photos (under 10MB). So make sure to upload a nice profile picture of yourself.

Under the photos, you’ll have the chance to provide additional information about yourself like your native language, marital status, job or profession, number of children, and hobbies and interests.

You can also describe yourself in a few words to make your profile stand out.

When filling your profile, Asia Date also allows you to specify your reason for signing up.

You can choose from a number of reasons like a long-term relationship, companionship when in Asia, casual relationships, and online flirting – be sure to choose one that suits you best.

How To Connect With Other Members on AsianDate

AsianDate boasts an average of 3000 logins every day, meaning you won’t fall short of suitors should you choose to find a lover or an online chat buddy on the platform.

While it’s free to create an account on AsianDate, you’ll need to purchase credits to communicate with Asian hotties on the site.

Free accounts can receive messages sent by ladies, but responding without credits is impossible, which pretty much renders free accounts useless.

AsianDate members can communicate through messages, live chat, CamShare, or phone calls. Messaging is the cheapest option, but be careful not to fall prey to scam accounts.

Live chat is another great way to communicate on the platform. The risk of interacting with bots and fake profiles reduces significantly through live chat, as you can easily tell if the responses are automated.

You can communicate with a crush on AsianDate through phone calls.

Scheduling a call with a lady of interest is a surefire way to jump ahead of the queue and show her you have serious intentions (whether dating, sexual or friendship).

You’ll also like that AsianDate has interpreters on standby to help in translation during calls.

AsianDate also uses CamShare as a means of communication. To use this feature, you’ll need a webcam and, of course, a considerable amount of tokens if you’re to have a meaningful conversation with your Asian crush.

The bottom line is you won’t get to chat or communicate with ladies on Asia Date if you don’t make an investment and buy tokens.

Is AsianDate Safe?

AsianDate is a safe place to flirt and interact with Asian women. The site boasts a ComodoCA SSL certificate that makes it a lot safer for both new and returning members.

But since you’re likely to stumble across some fake profiles on Asia Date, it’s best not to click on any links sent by suspicious members.

The trick is to avoid responding to accounts with incomplete profiles or ladies that constantly spam your mailbox.

You can also be a good cop and report fake profiles to make the AsianDate streets a lot safer.

Luckily, AsianDate doesn’t joke when it comes to billing information and protects all your payment data, effectively eliminating the risk of transaction-related fraud.

AsianDate Best Features


AsianDate keeps things simple and direct, from registration to member communication and even payment options. The simplistic and easy-to-navigate website makes the site a great option for non-tech savvy members.

It’ll take you slightly under 5 minutes to create an account and start interacting with the Asian girl of your dreams.

Virtual Gifts

With only men allowed to create accounts on AsianDate, competition for pre-approved female profiles can get stiff. Fortunately, the dating service allows members to purchase virtual gifts to spice up the online dating experience.

You can buy your Asian crush presents to stand out from the crowd.

And while virtual gifts do come at a cost, the investment is worth the while, more so if you’re looking to break the ice and kickstart a conversation with an attractive Asian lady.

Actual Gifts

Not too many online dating services allow members to buy actual gifts and have them delivered to their respective dates. However, AsianDate takes things a notch higher and permits male members to send physical gifts to their dates.

You’ll get notified upon delivery of the gift.

Even better, you’ll receive a photo of your crush standing side by side with your gift upon delivery.

Talk about taking matters into your own hands!

Sending actual gifts can prove costly and is therefore recommended after you’ve interacted with a lady and got to know her better. Therefore, don’t be in too much of a hurry to use this feature lest you end up disappointed.


CamShare is an increasingly popular feature used by several international dating sites. Through CamShare, you can communicate with your Asian hottie in real-time via video chat, making it possible to overcome geographical barriers.

You’ll need a webcam and tokens to use CamShare, as only paid members have access to this.

Male members who can afford this feature report greater success than those who rely solely on letters and messaging.

CamShare also eliminates the risk of interacting with bots or members with fake profiles as you’ll be engaging with your date in real-time.

It’s a great way to take your relationship to the next level!

Call Me

Asia Date’s call me feature allows you to make an actual phone call with the help of an interpreter. 

To use the call me feature, you’ll need to make a reservation 24 hours before the actual time.

The reservation costs 100 credits and allows Asia Date to schedule an appointment with a qualified interpreter.

Impressively, you’ll stand to benefit from a 30% discount every time you reserve a call with the same partner, making it affordable to maintain consistent communication.

AsianDate also gives you free additional minutes whenever you make long phone calls.

Credit System

With AsianDate, there’s no need to pay for monthly subscriptions as the dating platform uses a pay-per-action model to charge for its services.

As long as you have enough credits, you’ll have access to all services, giving you full control over how frequently you want to interact with the girls on the platform.

Your credits won’t expire, and you definitely won’t need to make recurrent monthly payments!

How Much Does AsianDate Cost?

AsianDate uses a credit system to charge for services offered. The credits are sold in bundles, which allows you to save if you buy more tokens.

Below is a guide on what you can expect to pay when buying credits.

Credits  Costs 
20 $15.99
160 $96
1000 $399

AsianDate usually gives discounts on credit bundles, meaning you can end up paying less than indicated on the table. You’ll also get to save a lot more by buying larger bundles, so you might want to keep that in mind before your next purchase.

Services like CamShare and Call Me are the most expensive and will cost you hundreds of credits depending on the duration of usage.

While you can join the site as a free member, however, you’ll need to purchase credits to use communication tools.

Other Alternatives To AsianDate

1. Anastasia Date – Best International Dating Site

Anastasia Date is a niche dating site that connects Eastern European women with men from across the world. The platform has over 20 million users and partners with experienced interpreters to streamline communication and overcome language barriers.

While you’re unlikely to find Asian beauties on Anastasia Date, you can use the search function to scout for Slavic and beautiful Russian girls in search of serious relationships.

Signing up on Astacia Date won’t cost you a dime.

But similar to AsianDate, you’ll need to purchase credits to access premium features and respond to messages.

Some of Anastacia Date’s main features include CamShare, 360-degree videos, and direct calls.

Signup is also straightforward and won’t take more than 10 minutes. 

Anastacia Date allows members to search based on country, age, and language. So you can try your luck and see if you can find an Asian single looking for something serious on the website.

However, to stand out on Anastacia Date, you must be highly responsive to messages and set up an attractive profile.

2. Russian Brides – Best Russian Dating Site

As the name suggests, Russian Brides is a niche dating platform that pairs beautiful Russian women with men from Western countries. It also works as a mail order bride service for those looking to get married.

Russian Brides targets men and women in search of serious relationships, so it might not float your boat if you’re in search of a casual fling. 

You’ll be lucky to find an Asian lady on the site (not unless she lives in Russia). However, with thousands of Russian and Ukrainian women on Russian Brides, you won’t be short of options if you’re into international dating.

Russian Brides has a pretty active member base (10,000 daily logins), making it a great place to interact with foreign women.

Although you can view profiles on a free membership, you will need to buy credits to initiate conversations or respond to messages.

We like that Russian Brides has a simplistic website that makes dating a breeze.

Be warned, though, that most ladies on Russian Brides are serious about dating. This means you’ll need to come off as serious and intentional if you’re to land yourself a date on the site.

3. AmoLatina – Best Brazilian Dating Site

AmoLatina is a popular niche dating website with members sprinkled in well over 40 countries.

While most of the members on Amolatina are Brazilian women, there’s also a good number of European and Asian women searching for love or companionship.

Luckily, AmoLatina has a search button that allows you to search for specific profiles.

You’ll also like that signing up on AmoLatina is free. 

However, members need to buy credits to communicate as AmoLatina uses a pay-per-action pricing model.

And since the level of competition for the hottest ladies on the site is pretty high, you’ll need to put your best foot forward to stand a chance. This means using credits to access advanced features like live streams and video chats.

There is no need to worry about chatting with scammers as profiles are regularly monitored on AmoLatina to enhance member safety. The support team is highly responsive, which makes it easy to report suspicious profiles and have them deleted.

AsianDate Review – FAQs

What Is The Best Asian Dating Site?

The best Asian dating site should give you access to thousands of Asian ladies and have a large pool of active members. With thousands of active Asian beauties logging in daily, AsianDate is arguably one of the best Asian dating services on the internet.

Signing up on AsianDate is free and fairly straightforward. You’ll also appreciate that AsianDate uses advanced features like Call me, live chat, and CamShare to streamline communication.

Is Tinder Popular In Asia?

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in Asia.

The casual dating platform has millions of active members in Asia and continues to increase in popularity due to its advanced features.

Tinder’s geolocation feature is especially useful for travelers looking to hookup with Asian locals.

Despite its undoubted popularity in Asia, Tinder is not the best platform if you’re looking for something serious. Most members are in it for the short term and prefer casual flings over relationships or serious dating that can lead to marriage.

How To Be Successful On Asian Dating Sites – Dating Tips

Register On A Popular Site

One of the easiest ways to find Asian women is through online dating sites. Unfortunately, not all Asian dating websites are the same, as some are safe and boast large pools of active members, while others are playgrounds of scammers and malicious hackers.

Fortunately, a site like AsianDate is secure and has thousands of daily logins from its large pool of Asian women, making it a nice place to write the first chapter of your international love story.

Target Niche Dating Sites

While it might be tempting to register on sites like Tinder, doing so might reduce your chances of bagging a date as there aren’t too many Asian hotties on standard dating sites.

But by registering on a niche dating site that focuses exclusively on Asian dating, you will be well-placed to find an attractive Asian lady interested in casual dating or something serious.

Therefore, if you’re serious about dating a lady of Asian origin, your best bet is to create an account on a niche website like AsianDate.

Create An Attractive Profile

Your profile plays a huge role in determining whether or not you’re successful in online dating. To attract any lady online (not just Asians), you’ll need to come off as focused and intentional, not forgetting attractive.

As a result, it’s crucial to upload your best set of photos and create an attractive bio. Listing down your skills, hobbies, and preferences can also give you an edge over other men on the site.

Make Use Of Advanced Features

Language barriers can hinder international dating, more specifically if your Asian partner isn’t fluent in English. However, by paying for premium features, you can access the services of an interpreter, thereby making communication a breeze on Asian dating platforms.

Other premium features like CamShare and live chat can also spice things up a bit in terms of communication. Additionally, you can use features like virtual gifts to break the ice and initiate contact with an Asian girl of interest.

Be Respectful

Not too many girls in the world are as respectful and humble as Asian girls. As such, it’s inevitable that cultural differences will come into play when interacting with girls of Asian origin.

Avoid overly aggressive words, especially when flirting, and try to keep things respectful but fun.

Consistency Is Key

You can’t expect to bag an Asian hottie if you’re rarely online or if you respond to messages days or even weeks later.

Whether you’re interested in a casual relationship or something serious that can lead to marriage, you simply have to show up – and frequently, if you’re to beat the competition!

Try to respond to messages fast, and if possible, break the monotony of message chats by upgrading to video calls and CamShare if your budget allows.

AsianDate Review – Wrapping Up

As we’ve established throughout the review, AsianDate is one of the best places to find attractive Asian women on the internet.

But to stand out and beat the competition, you must be willing to invest in credits as free accounts cannot initiate contact or respond to messages.

And since AsianDate allows members to upload a maximum of 4 photos, it’s best to upload photos that showcase your best features – leave nothing to chance!

Maximizing your use of AsianDate’s features like virtual gifts, actual gifts, calls, and CamShare can also boost your chances of securing a date on the platform.

Good luck finding your Asian soul mate!


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