Associate Intelligence Analyst


PhishMe is seeking a curious, driven individual to assist with the production of actionable threat intelligence. The ideal candidate is a robust critical thinker, self-sufficient problem solver, and an effective communicator with an interest in understanding the inner workings of malicious software applications and the infrastructure that supports them. Individuals in this position will be assisting in the categorization of phishing emails delivering some of the newest malware binaries and will add to the richness and perspective of PhishMe’s Intelligence organization.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Assist with the categorization of phishing emails and the malware they deliver.
  • Perform rapid analysis of malicious software applications collected from phishing email campaigns as they emerge.
  • Share in a team collaborating on the research and development of analysis techniques for malware varieties encountered in the wild.



  • Strong written communication skills.
  • Strong critical thinking skills.
  • Strong familiarity with email protocols, headers, and formats.
  • Significant proficiency with TCP/IP packet capture and investigation softwaree.g. Wireshark, HTTP debuggers, DNS query interception utilities.
  • Significant knowledge of Microsoft Assembly language.
  • Significant proficiency with Linux and Unix operating systems.
  • Significant ability to use and modify command line script applications and utilities.
  • Significant understanding of nature of malicious software and applications.
  • Some experience with SQL database technology.
  • Experience with debuggers and decompilers such as OllyDbg and IDA preferred.


  • Competitive hourly wage


  • Birmingham, Alabama


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