Atlanta Public Schools to start ticketing drivers who speed in safety zones | #schoolsaftey

Drivers who exceed the speed limit in Atlanta Public Schools safety zones can expect to receive a $75 ticket in the mail starting Monday.

Through a partnership with Verra Mobility, the school district and the Atlanta Police Department installed safety cameras at 10 schools. For 30 days, violators were issued warnings for speeding. That grace period ended Sunday.

Officials say the program will be implemented in phases so that all schools will eventually be included. Repeat offenders will be fined $125.

District officials said signs are posted warning drivers that the school zones are photo enforcement areas, meaning cameras are present. APD reviews each citation before sending them out, APS said.

“Our priority is to keep our students safe,” APS Police Chief Ronald Applin said in a statement. “The school zone speed cameras will help slow drivers down, thereby protecting children as they walk to and from school.”

The cameras have been installed at no cost to APS. A portion of the collected fines will fund school safety and security measures, officials said.

“These devices help us enforce the speed limit and maximize the deployment of our police force throughout the city of Atlanta,” Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum said in a news release. “We strongly advise drivers to be alert and to always abide by the posted speed limit.”

Atlanta’s school safety zones

  • R. N. Fickett Elementary School
  • Kindezi at Gideons Elementary School
  • Burgess-Peterson Academy
  • Kimberly Elementary School
  • Miles Elementary School
  • Continental Colony Elementary School
  • Drew Charter Schools
  • Morris Brandon Elementary School (Main Campus)
  • Cleveland Avenue Elementary School
  • E. Rivers Elementary School

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