ATMs on the target of the hackers right now!

The ATM hack is getting more sophisticated in which the hackers are injecting some extremely obnoxious malware into the machine.

The two Ukrainian men are arrested from the Macau and have the similar charges of stealing the $100,000 from the seven ATM machines.

The device is a rigid green circuit board, which can be put into the card slot; the board is four to five times the length of the ATM card. With the help of board, the malicious software gets into the system and the breach happens.

Once the software gets into the machine, the ATM goes black and restarts, while the machine is restarting, the hackers records the PINs and card numbers.

After hacking the PINs and card numbers, the hackers were coming back after few days. The USB based security breach also happened last year in which the hacking was happening with the portable keyboard.

In the conference last year in Germany, it was told that the ATM slot was exposed by cutting it and inserting the USB. The USB put bugs into the machine, which gets affected with ease.

ATMs on the target of the hackers right now!,,,

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