Attorney: Dothan ID theft suspect is U.S. citizen, manager of restaurant

Attorney Jim Parkman said his client, a suspect in multiple identity theft cases, is a U.S. citizen who works as a restaurant manager in Orlando, Florida.

Parkman asked the court to set bail for his 43-year-old client, Ivan Ricardo Acosta, who faces 40 felony identity theft charges. Parkman asked the court to set bail at $1,000 per charge for Acosta.

District Court Judge Benjamin Lewis, who heard arguments from lawyers at the bail hearing, said he would issue a ruling at a later time.

Dothan police arrested Acosta on Sept. 18, and charged him with 40 felony identity theft crimes. Police later filed one additional charge against him.

Assistant Houston County District Attorney Seth Brooks told the court police are expected to file more charges against Acosta either Thursday or Friday.

Parkman said his client has been in the country around 12 years and is employed as the manager of a restaurant in Orlando. Parkman reminded the court the charges against client are not violent offenses.

“He is a United States citizen. He took his test and he is a United States citizen,” Parkman said. “He’s certainly not a flight risk, or a danger to the community.”

Parkman said his client is willing surrender his passport as a condition of the court’s setting a bail. He also said if more charges were to be filed his client would turn himself in to police within 24 hours of being notified.

Acosta was one of three Orlando men arrested by the Dothan Police Department last month as part of a multi-agency identity theft investigation. Police filed the most charges against Acosta.

Police also arrested 38-year-old Edrey Acosta Cabrera, who faces 37 identity theft charges, and 44-year-old Jorge Menendez Arnedo, who faces a dozen felony identity theft charges.

Dothan police said over 100 people have been left victimized in the identity theft investigation, including multiple officers with the Dothan Police Department.

The arrests were made with assistance from officers with the Montgomery Police Department, the Houston County Sheriff’s Office, the Dale County Sheriff’s Office, and the Ozark Police Department.


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