Attorneys for Delphi murder suspect ask to speak with convicted child molester housed at same facility as client Richard Allen | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

Andrew Baldwin (L), Richard Allen (C), Bradley Rozzi (R)

CARROLL COUNTY, Ind. — Attorneys representing Delphi murders suspect Richard Allen have filed a court petition to speak with a convicted child molester who they say may be a “potential witness” in their client’s case.

Attorneys Bradley Rozzi and Andrew Baldwin, the defense lawyers representing Allen in a Carroll County double murder trial, filed a motion Thursday asking the court to allow them to visit and speak with an Indiana inmate being housed at the same facility as their client.

Allen, who is accused of killing Libby German and Abby Williams in February 2017 near the Monon High Bridge in Delphi, was arrested over five years later on Oct. 26, 2022. He now faces two felony murder charges in the case with a jury trial set to begin next January.

In the motion for an order on inmate visitation filed Thursday, Allen’s attorneys asked for authorization to meet with an inmate at the Westville Correctional Facility. That inmate, the lawyers said, might be a “potential witness” in Allen’s case.

The inmate, who FOX59/CBS4 is not naming at this time, is currently serving 40 years in the Indiana Dept. of Corrections for a 2011 child molestation charge. In Thursday’s motion, Allen’s attorneys said the inmate is being housed in the same maximum security unit as their client.

Allen’s attorneys also said that they have tried multiple times to speak with the inmate but have been unsuccessful despite him being a potential case witness.

“Attorney Rozzi attempted to Subpoena [the Inmate] for a June 13th hearing but due to the Inmate’s resistance, he was not transported,” the motion reads. “Since the June 13th hearing, Attorney Rozzi has received additional correspondence from [the Inmate] and desires access to [the Inmate] as he is a potential witness in this case.”

The filing by attorneys Rozzi and Baldwin comes just one day after Allen County Judge Frances Gull, who was assigned from out-of-county to preside over Allen’s case, unsealed nearly 120 documents on Wednesday, June 28.

One document that was unsealed by Judge Gull was a letter written by a Westville Correctional inmate to a Carroll County Clerk dated April 11. That inmate shares the same name and DOC number as the one Allen’s attorneys are now requesting to speak with.

In the letter, which can be read here, the inmate and convicted child molester claimed that Allen was being abused and mistreated by inmates and guards alike. He added that prison guards would call Allen “a kid killer” while also teasing him by claiming that he had family visiting.

The inmate went on to claim that prison staff even went as far as recording other inmates as they mocked Allen and told him to kill himself or threatened his life. For more information on that letter and other prison correspondence related to the case, click here.

While it is unclear what Allen’s attorneys believe the inmate potentially witnessed, it is clear from their motion that they want to speak with him before their client’s January jury trial in Carroll County.

“Attorney Rozzi respectfully requests that this Court issue an Order authorizing him to Visit (the Inmate) at the Westville Correctional Facility and for all other just and proper relief in the premises,” the filing concludes.

For more information on the Delphi murders, Allen’s case and the recently unsealed documents, click here.

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