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Technology services provider Atturra has revealed its strategic alliance with Australian SaaS start-up MyCISO. This partnership is targeted at supporting the former’s managed service for security programme management in the education and commercial sectors in Australia.

The managed security service offering from Atturra equips organisations with a strategic cybersecurity roadmap along with ongoing management support. MyCISO facilitates and delivers the assessments and management of these security programs through a SaaS interface and does so in a cost-effective, data-centred, and scalable manner.

Under this agreement, Atturra will introduce the MyCISO platform’s Assess module in its services, which will aid clients in selecting the appropriate framework, performing a data-driven risk assessment based on control maturity, and curating a bespoke, dynamic ‘cyber uplift’ strategy, which is then operationalised and reported on continuously.

Following a thorough market evaluation, Atturra found MyCISO to be a transformative way of shifting traditional paper-based security assessments and security programme management to a more advanced SaaS platform. This aligns with Atturra’s long-term strategies to further fortify its clients’ security capabilities.

Osh Ranwaweera, General Manager of Connect and Secure for Atturra Managed Services, commented, “Our clients are looking to uplift their security posture aligned to a robust security framework. Understanding the requirements of different frameworks can be complicated to manage. MyCISO, combined with our expert team, enables the development and execution of a comprehensive cyber strategy ordinarily reserved for larger enterprises.”

“The Atturra cyber program managed service ensures our clients receive the best support available, aligned to industry best practices so we can ensure they stay ahead in the battle to remain secure from cyber-attacks,” added Ranwaweera.

This partnership appears to be a part of an overarching strategic move, with MyCISO opting for Atturra as a growth partner based on its market penetration and success in the Australian education and commercial mid-market sectors.

Dane Meah, CEO at MyCISO, expresses, “A partnership between MyCISO and Atturra is an exciting agreement that will see us deliver greater value to the education and mid-market commercial sectors. Having the ability to identify cyber risks and align cyber uplifts to standards and frameworks such as ISO27001, NIST CSF, and the ACSC Essential Eight is a key concern for IT and security teams in Australia and the world over.”

According to Meah, when MyCISO was initiated, the prime goal was to empower all businesses with an efficient way to develop and manage their cyber uplift. Currently, the country continues to grapple with a growing skills shortage in businesses and the education sector, hindering efforts to achieve Australia’s ambition of becoming the global leader in cybersecurity by 2030.

By providing an innovative solution to this emerging cybersecurity challenge, Atturra and MyCISO intend to address this considerable market gap. This promising partnership heralds a promising period ahead for businesses seeking to enhance their cybersecurity practices in a world where digital threats are on a constant uprise.


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