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RICHMOND, Va., Jan. 24, 2024 — Seeking to turn complex auditing processes into a clear, easy-to-navigate journey, Audora announced the launch of its new web-based platform today. The compliance platform uses automation to transform the way auditing teams approach their work.

Starting with cybersecurity compliance frameworks like SOC 2, the platform helps auditing firms break through an increasingly commodified market and build more meaningful, value-driven relationships with clients.

“We built the platform to make audits streamlined, efficient, and transparent for professionals on both sides of the process,” Audora co-founder Alex Nette said. “With Audora, auditing teams can move away from chasing down tasks and focus more of their time and energy on helping their clients grow and mature their cybersecurity and compliance programs.”

Crafted by seasoned audit and cybersecurity professionals, Audora reduces the time and cost required of auditors to complete an audit, so their clients achieve compliance faster and easier. As a single, unified solution for collaboration and audit management, Audora:

  • Automates task management so audit teams do not have to sacrifice quality for efficiency;
  • Uses AICPA-backed guided workflows to outline a clear, repeatable journey for all users; and,
  • Works behind the scenes to consolidate engagement information into one audit report with the click of a button.

The platform’s intuitive interface allows members of all teams and at all levels of an organization to better understand the auditing process, inspiring confidence and clarity from end to end.

“Audora turns what was once a long, winding road into a straightforward and transparent path to compliance,” said Vince Maduri, CEO of Audora.

The newly launched automation platform is backed by the knowledge and experience of experts who have completed thousands of successful cybersecurity and compliance engagements, including Hive Systems, a leading consulting firm specializing in risk reduction strategies.

“We’ve spent the last year fine-tuning Audora so it creates the best solution for audit firms, their employees, and their clients that want to maximize the value of popular audit frameworks like SOC 2,” Maduri said. “Over the next 12 months, we’re excited to expand the platform to include additional standards and frameworks.”


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