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An Aussie mum’s “brilliant” laundry hack has sparked a storm among Kmart lovers online.

The parent found a second use for the $22 Drink Dispenser from Kmart, filling it with blue laundry liquid instead.

She shared her handy hack to the Facebook group Kmart Home Decor and Hacks Australia.

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“I used a water dispenser from Kmart as a laundry detergent dispenser,” she wrote on the post.

The dispenser sat nicely beside two other labelled jars holding laundry detergent and pods. Credit: Facebook

Hundreds took to the post to share their love for her laundry setup.

“Wow! That’s awesome! Looks lovely (and) fresh,” one person wrote.

“That’s brilliant,” another commented.

While a third said: “What a fabulous idea!!!”

Some even shared photos of how they use their dispenser, with one storing scent beads.

Another Kmart lover took to the post to share their hack, ‘I use mine for scent beads’. Credit: Facebook

Another shared: “I’ve done the same and also have one for fabric softener.”

While one person joked: “I bought one from Aldi… I use it for alcohol.”

However, some Facebook users were unconvinced about the hack.

“I tried this a couple of years ago but found you can never really get to the bottom as once the detergent is below the tap it won’t come out. You can tip it, but it only helps a little,” one person said. “It goes gunky because you never really empty it.”

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Another agreed: “Does it work ok! I tried that a fair few years ago, but I found the liquid took ages to dispense and then would start to clog the tap. Eventually gave up because it was too high maintenance and now re use a plastic one.”

To which the original poster replied: “I had to run water in it for a little bit because the liquid at first attempt was coming out really slowly. But on second attempt after the water it’s fast.

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