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A new global consumer survey conducted by Gen’s Cyber Safety brand, Norton, indicates that online dating may be the next frontier for Artificial Intelligence in Australia. According to the findings of the study, over half (58%) of the country’s online daters are interested in utilising AI as their digital ‘Cupid’. This new perspective on AI sheds light on its potential role in providing a more interactive and personalised approach to online dating.

Online dating is a significant investment of time and resources for Australians. The Norton data revealed that the average person in Australia spends nine hours a week and $170 in their lifetime on dating apps and services. To optimize this investment, this study shows that users are turning to AI to help guide them through the process, thereby improving their chances of making a successful match. Out of those currently using an online dating service, 64% of people are keen on using AI to generate pick-up lines or conversation starters, 59% for dating app profile development, and 53% for photo enhancement.

However, despite the excitement around the concept of using AI as a dating coach, Norton’s data reveal that these technologies also carry the potential risk of romance scams, a huge concern for online love-seekers. The data showed that nearly a third (27%) of Australians who have used a dating app claim they have been targeted by a dating scam, and almost two in five (39%) of these have fallen victim. Furthermore, one quarter (25%) of Australians who have used a dating app said they had been catfished by someone.

“Online dating is notoriously difficult to navigate and using AI as a dating coach seems innocuous when you’re on the receiving end of a bad pickup line or trying to draft a thoughtful breakup text. However, AI technology can also make online dating riskier and more complicated when it’s utilised in more nefarious ways,” warned Mark Gorrie, Managing Director APAC for Norton. He further explained how romance scams are being propelled by AI, making these scams more common and trickier to spot.

The report also revealed few other interesting facets of the local online dating scene. Results showed that one in five (20%) Australians who have used a dating app have presented a false age on their dating profile. The safest dating apps according to current users are Tinder (63%) and Bumble (62%), while Telegram was rated the least safe. Over half (56%) of Australians have confessed to using an online dating app while travelling or on vacation.

Tackling the emerging issues of online dating scams, Norton has introduced products like Norton Genie, a free AI-powered scam detection app. This tool helps users review suspicious texts, emails, or web links by confirming their authenticity, thereby ensuring safer navigation for online daters.

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