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Avast Launches Free Cybersecurity Training And Quiz To Help Small Businesses Stay Safe Online | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

Did you know that 60% of adults in New Zealand wish they
knew more about how to spot or avoid phishing scams?
Education and training are crucial components for SMBs to
have a solid cybersecurity defence, especially for

Helping safeguard SMBs’ data, devices,
and their people

That’s why Avast just released a
new Cybersecurity Training Quiz, available free for small
businesses who want to train their employees about online
threats. The quiz is currently available with three focus

Data Security

  • What is a Data
    Security Incident?
  • What is a Data Security
  • Data Security Best Practices for

Identity Management

  • What
    is Identity Management?
  • Identity Management Best
    Practices Module
  • Identity Management and Access

Social Media

  • Social Media Security Best
  • Understanding social media security

The quiz is available to any individual or
business but is specially targeted at small and medium-sized
businesses who want to provide training for all employees
without additional investment. Individuals who complete the
quiz will receive a confirmation of passing each module. To
take the free quiz, click

Growing threats for

Online threats to businesses are
ever-changing, making true online safety an ongoing journey.
Zero-day vulnerabilities and ransomware extortion continue
to be some of the most concerning threats to businesses –
and are the most well-known – but data from Avast shows
that phishing of employees is often the first mode of entry
for malicious actors. According to Avast, scams and phishing
attacks are a leading threat to SMBs.

awareness about the many threats to small businesses and
educating customers on cybersecurity is a vital part of
helping small businesses remain safe and protected,” said
Massimo Rapparini, General Manager & Head of SMB at Gen.
“We’re proud to use our extensive in-house knowledge to
provide this type of training for free through the Avast
Cybersecurity Training Quiz.”

comprehensive solutions from Avast Business

Business provides enterprise-grade endpoint and network
security solutions for small and medium businesses (SMBs) as
well as IT service providers and delivers robust integrated
security and privacy solutions to make it easy and
affordable for businesses to protect complex and evolving
network security layers.

To protect against
ever-evolving threats to businesses, Avast Business provides
a wide array of products and services that are modular and
can grow as companies grow. These include Avast Small Office
Protection, Essential Business Security, Premium Business
Security, Ultimate Business Security, and the Avast Business

The Avast Cybersecurity Training Quiz and other
free resources can be found here.

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