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Avast enhances its award-winning free security and
privacy protection to give people digital safety, freedom
and confidence online

– Avast, a global leader in digital security
and privacy, today announced an update to its Avast Free
Antivirus and Avast Premium Security product versions for
Windows. The update includes a brand-new Firewall in Avast
Free Antivirus which shields people from network attacks,
and reaffirms Avast’s commitment to providing
sophisticated and effective security and privacy products
for all, for free. In Avast Premium Security, Avast has
added new advanced Firewall features for even stronger
protection from data leaks, spoofing attacks, and malicious
devices scanning for open ports on the user’s

Vita Santrucek, Chief Product Officer at Avast,
said, “Research conducted for our Digital
Citizenship Report showed that since the start of the
pandemic the internet has become even more important for two
thirds of 18-44 year olds and for about half of older
generations around the world. As our world is becoming more
digital, people’s privacy can be at risk on many levels,
often simply by connecting to a public or local online
network. The complexity of threats today can make it
difficult for people to keep up and understand how to best
protect their digital lives. We have bolstered our core
Avast Antivirus product with a free Firewall to make it
easier for people to keep their online lives

Avast Free Antivirus’ threat detection
and performance is top-rated by the world’s leading
independent test institutions, such as AV-Test,
AV-Comparatives, SE Labs, and VB100. Avast Free Antivirus
was named “Top
Rated-Product 2020” by AV-Comparatives, and achieved
the highest score out of all vendors in AV-Comparatives’
anti-phishing test, with 96 out of 100 points in July 2021.
In AV-Test’s
certification report of September and October 2021,
Avast Free Antivirus achieved a protection score of 6 out of
6 points. Additionally, in SE
Labs’ Home Anti-Malware Protection Test of Q3/2021,
Avast Free Antivirus received the highest rating, AAA. VB100
certified Avast Free Antivirus in November 2021 with a
malware detection rate of 100%.

Avast’s Firewall
provides an additional layer of protection, preventing
unauthorised remote access when connected to the home
network or unknown networks on the go. The Firewall contains
the following features for free and premium Windows

· Free – Firewall
The Firewall monitors the network’s security by
observing and filtering incoming and outgoing network
traffic, preventing unauthorised access to the user’s
network or shared files and blocking unsafe incoming traffic
from the internet. The Firewall inspects the network,
observing the number of devices connected, routers, service
available on the network, and operating systems used by
connected devices, and sets its mode as Public or Private
accordingly. When the user is engaging in more risky
activity such as connecting to public networks in a cafe or
an airport, Public mode provides high protection. It blocks
all incoming connections initiated by other computers,
blocks some ports/services, limits communication with other
devices, and makes the computer typically not discoverable
on the network. In Private mode, on networks that are
trusted by the user such as the home or the office, the
Firewall blocks a minimum amount of traffic, the computer is
visible on the network, and all standard services are
allowed by default such as incoming Remote Desktop, file,
and printer sharing. The Firewall also features a simple
“set and forget” option for user convenience, and easy
customization options for advanced users.

Premium – Firewall – Avast Premium
Security’s Firewall provides additional advanced security
features. Leak Protection prevents computers from leaking
potentially sensitive information to the network, such as
user name, computer name, and email. In addition, the Port
Scan Alert will notify the user if other malicious devices
scan the PC for open ports, which can be used to discover
weak points in a network and exploit vulnerabilities. The
Firewall will also alert users to Address Resolution
Protocol (ARP) spoofing attacks which let cybercriminals
infiltrate a local network by masking their computer as a
network member in order to steal information via
man-in-the-middle attacks.

The new Avast Free
Antivirus and Avast Premium Security features are available
in the latest version of the software which can be
downloaded here: https://www.avast.com.

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