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Cloud security startup Averlon Inc. launched today, saying it has raised $8 million in new funding to enhance its artificial intelligence-powered cloud security platform, improve threat prediction and neutralization, expand its capabilities.

Founded in 2022, Averlon offers a cybersecurity platform designed to prevent malicious attacks. The company’s platform uses AI technology to counteract AI-driven attacks and provides visibility into all cloud assets, including network access, connectivity, software and policies.

The platform seeks to address the rapidly growing issue of AI-driven attacks, which Averlon says are now outpacing traditional defenses. The company argues that chief information security officers and their teams are now required to think like their attackers to anticipate how they will breach cloud assets, a challenging task with legacy tools.

Differing from traditional tools that are said to inundate teams with reactive alerts while overlooking the true root cause, Averlon’s AI-powered platform pinpoints specific cloud security issues that pave the way for real-world attacks. Customers can onboard their cloud environment and get a clear picture of their security risks and where to direct their attention within minutes after installation.

Under the hood, Averlon uses AI technology that “fuels cyberattacks to counteract them.” The platform offers what Averlon calls “panoptic visibility” into all cloud assets while continuously analyzing vulnerabilities to predict and neutralize attacks. The proactive approach allows teams to see the bigger picture of threats and eliminate them with surgical fixes.

“As cyberattacks grow more sophisticated, it’s critical for companies to anticipate where and how attackers will strike,” said co-founder and Chief Executive Sunil Gottumukkala, who previously served as the senior vice president of cybersecurity at Salesforce Inc. “And yet, the reality is most CISOs don’t feel prepared for today’s threats.”

Security teams are bombarded with daily alerts, he added, “often leading to a reactive security posture where they are playing catch-up or unsure where to focus. Averlon solves for this challenge, providing customers with a holistic way to understand, predict and prevent cloud security attacks.”

Voyager Capital Partners LLC led the seed round, with Salesforce Ventures LLC and Outpost Ventures LP also participating. Including the new funding, Averlon has raised $10.5 million to date.

Photo: Averlon

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