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Avoid scams and stay safe online | #phishing | #scams | #hacking | #aihp

While many of these scam texts come from unknown mobile numbers, we’re aware that some of texts use a spoofing technique that makes the message appear as if the sender is Linkt.

This is a common type of scam, and other services that have been targeted recently include postal/courier services, energy providers and banks.

Linkt customers can be assured that there has been no breach, access, exposure, or theft of any of their personal information in any way.

Stay safe online

If you’re a Linkt customer, you’ll hear from us about important information to do with your account, or with reminders to take action to avoid overdue tolls. We may at times ask you to update your personal or payment details, but we will always direct you to log into your account via or the Linkt app.

We will never ask you to reply to an email or SMS with your financial information or personal information. If we need you to manage your account, we will always direct you to log into your account directly Linkt app.

Our Cyber Security Operations team is working with telecommunications providers to identify and block phone numbers sending these texts.

If you receive a message from someone claiming to be Linkt that doesn’t seem quite right, don’t click on the link. You can report a scam message to us via the Linkt website at or via the Federal Government’s ScamWatch website at This assists us in having these sites taken down and prevents others from receiving the scam.

We list the scams that are known to be using the Linkt brand to target our customers on our Linkt website

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National Cyber Security