To avoid the spying, Facebook deterred its data links

Facebook is taking its data security quite seriously. It has ensured the provision of absolute encryption of its data in the company and in the networks.

Even the links in connect with the data centers are encrypted. With all these approaches, the government will be forced to adopt the legal means of gaining data instead of picking wrong ones like spying.

After the revelations by the Snowden, it is clear that US agencies have the reach to the data of the big names like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft. Meanwhile, as we are talking about Facebook, they are taking all measures against the spying of the agencies. The NSA spy told them to the greater deal that what the loopholes are in the system.

There are four teams, which are handling the security of the Facebook. These teams are security infrastructure, safety team, technical protection, and site veracity.

The company keeps on testing the security measures by implementing the false hacks so that they could asses if their structure is working well or not.

To avoid the spying, Facebook deterred its data links,,,

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