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B.C. seizing predator’s condo | News | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

The B.C. government wants a sexual predator and his parents to hand over two properties used by the man to sexually assault children.

In a lawsuit filed this week, B.C.’s director of civil forfeiture says a Kelowna condo and Mount Baldy cabin linked to Graham Dodge’s crimes should be forfeited to the government.

Dodge was convicted in June 2023 of possession of child pornography and sexual interference as a result of a 2020 RCMP investigation, the statement of claim said.

The government lawsuit also said that Dodge is “registered with the national sex offender registry as a high-risk offender.”

“Dodge used the condominium and cabin to, among other things, commit sexual assault and sexual interference against persons under the age of 16 years, and to access, possess, produce, and distribute child pornography,” the lawsuit, filed Monday, alleged.

During the 2020 RCMP investigation, police obtained evidence that Dodge “provided a youth or youths with drugs, cannabis, and/or alcohol,” “sexually assaulted a youth or youths,” and “raped a youth or youths.”

The director said Dodge took at least one victim to the condo and cabin where “some or all” of the crimes were committed.

The lawsuit names his parents Dale and Roberta Dodge as defendants because they have a mortgage on their son’s Kelowna condo on Houghton Road and are the owners of the cabin.

The parents “knew or ought to have known the manner in which” their son used both the condo and the cabin, the director said.

In the alternative, they “were wilfully blind” to how their son had used both properties.

Graham Dodge “has an extensive criminal record, with convictions for production, distribution, and possession of child pornography, sexual interference, supplying liquor to a minor, assault, assault of a peace officer, attempt to disarm a peace officer, intimidation, failure to comply with a probation order, and failure to comply with a recognizance,” the director said.

Castanet News reported in March that after Dodge completed his most recent sentence, his neighbours were warned by the RCMP that the predator would be living near them.

Last month Dodge, who was born in 1987, was charged again with possession of child pornography and three counts of breaching his probation conditions.

The civil forfeiture lawsuit said the 2024 RCMP investigation revealed that Graham Dodge was “attending locations where youths frequent and attempting to photograph youths.” In the condo, police “located, among other things, electronic equipment in violation of G. Dodge’s probation.”

According to B.C. Assessment Authority, the one-bedroom condo is worth $321,100 and the cabin is assessed at $479,000.

The lawsuit said the crimes committed at the properties include sexual assault; sexual interference; accessing, possessing, distributing, and producing child pornography; possessing the proceeds of crime; laundering the proceeds of crime and possession for the purpose of trafficking.

The lawsuit argues Dodge is likely to continue to use the properties for illegal activity if they are not seized, which also argue if money from the sale goes to Dodge or his parents, it will “likely be used for the unlawful activity.”

No statements of defence have yet been filed by any of the defendants in the case.

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