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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — A newly installed Noblesville baby box will be the 105th anonymous, safe surrender box installed in Indiana and the 162nd in the entire nation.

Safe Haven Baby Boxes announced that a blessing with be held on Tuesday afternoon to mark the installation of Indiana’s newest baby box, which provides mothers with the option to safely and legally surrender their infant while remaining anonymous.

The newly installed Noblesville baby box is located at the fire station at 20777 Hague Road and is available 24/7.

“This area of Indiana has seen several surrenders and we are pleased to offer another location to protect vulnerable women and their children,” said Monica Kelsey, who founded Safe Haven Baby Boxes.

According to Kelsey, 14 babies have been surrendered via baby boxes so far in 2023.

“The Safe Haven Baby Box exists to help people who have no recourse but to surrender their infant in a way that ensures the child’s safety,” said Noblesville Fire Chief Matt Mitchell.

Once a child is surrendered to a baby box, a silent alarm alerts first responders to ensure that the baby is discovered within five minutes. In addition to the baby boxes, Safe Haven also provides free confidential counseling via their hotline at 866-99BABY1.

Safe Haven Baby Boxes said 35 infants have been placed in baby boxes since 2017. Nationwide, more than 130 surrenders have resulted from calling the Safe Haven hotline.

In addition to Indiana, Safe Haven Baby Boxes are found in Ohio, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Missouri and Mississippi.


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