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As parents prepare to send kids back to school, one common concern is bullying in the schools. State leaders recently increased the chances that children will be rejected for being themselves. On May 5, 2021 Governor Inslee signed SB 5044 and three other bills requiring Critical Race Theory and radical gender ideology in the public schools.  

These state-level laws say it’s ok for schools to tell white children they are oppressors and non-white students they are oppressed.  This harmful policy not only violates the rights of teachers (see WPC publication Know Your Rights), it violates the personal safety, religious and constitutional rights of students. For example, girls have a right to be safe when using bathrooms, locker-rooms and showers.  
It is important for parents to be engaged with their local schools, and get informed about the school’s policies and practices for protecting students.  The Pacific Justice Institute and The Family Policy Institute of Washington have developed a helpful back-to-school checklist to inform parents.  Here it is: 

This checklist provides positive ways for parents to get involved in their child’s education.  Parents are encouraged to volunteer in classrooms, attend a school board meeting, and get to know the child’s teachers.

These are tax-funded public schools.  They belong to everyone.  That means it is everyone’s responsibility to get involved, get informed about students’ religious and constitutional rights and, above all, to ensure that children are safe at school.




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