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Back to School: New improvements at Lindbergh Schools | #schoolsaftey

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — Some of the bond issues at work in St. Louis-area school districts are resulting in state-of-the-art safety and security.

Lindbergh is one such school district. 

Prop R was passed in Lindbergh School District in April 2019, but it continues to unfold. The $105 million no-tax-rate-increase bond issue is designed to revitalize the Lindbergh High School campus and create districtwide safety equity.

Superintendent Dr. Tony Lake said the changes at Lindbergh High will result in a single, secure main entrance. In addition, Prop R will ensure all Lindbergh schools have secure main entrances by constructing entry vestibules at three elementary and two middle schools.

Lake said Lindbergh employed a consultant who worked with Sandy Hook after the school shooting there, in the design of Lindbergh’s new safety features. Plus, Lindbergh is among the first St. Louis County school districts utilizing Centegix, a bluetooth badging system, which notifies fellow administrators and first responders in case of emergency.

“It also has the ability to lock-down a building. Every adult will have the ability to push this button on this badge rapidly and it will notify Crestwood Police, St. Louis County Police and Sunset Hills Police. One of the most important things you can do in case of an emergency, is give people time to make accurate decisions for their safety,” Lake said.

Dr. Eric Cochran is principal of Lindbergh High School.

“Safety-wise, I’ve been here 26 years,” said Cochran. “This is the safest version of Lindbergh High School I’ve ever seen. Even some of our access for students with disabilities are vastly improved. We used to have floors of our building that were inaccessible if you had a broken leg.”

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