Back-to-School Safety Reminders From The Asotin Police Department | Local | #schoolsaftey

ASOTIN – The Asotin Police Department wants to inform drivers that the Asotin School District’s first day of school is on August 29th. School starts at 8 am and releases at 2:30 pm. Lunches are staggered throughout the morning and afternoon. These times create higher volumes of traffic and higher volumes of pedestrians around the schools.

School days bring congestion in and around the school property, school buses are picking up or dropping kids off, kids on bikes are hurrying to get to school before the bell rings, and pressured parents are trying to drop their kids off before work. With the first day of school just around the corner, the Asotin Police Department would like to remind parents, motorists, and school students to start thinking about safety. Enclosed you will find some safety tips for a wide area of topics including vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic, as well as bus safety. We hope you find some useful information in these safety tips to help you and your family to be safe, or even to use as a good reminder.

The safety of our children falls on each one of us to do our part, it is easy to fall into the trap of feeling pressured to get to work or the next activity on the schedule, however, it is important for drivers to slow down and pay attention when kids are present, especially before and after school. According to the National Safety Council, more children are hit by cars near schools than any other location. The Asotin Police Department would like to remind motorists to be vigilant, follow the rules of the road, and have patience with the hustle and bustle around the school. As well as to remind parents to take a few moments to review the safety precautions set in place with their kids. If each one of us does our part, this will be a great school year!

The Asotin Police Department wishes everyone a safe and happy school year!!

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