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Back to School Safety with Stuart Police Sergeant and West Central Valley Resource Officer | Raccoon Valley Radio | #schoolsaftey

As the month of August continues, the start of the school year is fast approaching.

With the start of the new school year will come some increased traffic during the mornings and afternoons. Stuart Police Sergeant and West Central Valley Schools Resource Officer Katie Guisinger says that as children begin to return to their school schedules, drivers need to be patient and have an increased awareness so that accidents are less likely to happen. She adds that while drivers need to remember to keep an eye out, the children also need to remember to stay extra aware of their surroundings as well.

Guisinger mentions that one big issue that can happen when drivers are impatient, is that they pass stopped school buses. She explains that not only is this extremely dangerous, but also highly illegal.

“There’s first offenses. The fines can be anywhere from $345 up to almost $930. You can have your license suspended. You may have to take a driver improvement program course.”

Guisinger adds that for subsequent offenses of passing a stopped school bus, the consequences become heavier. She mentions that buses in West Central Valley’s fleet are equipped with cameras on both the exterior and interior, and that those people who pass the buses are all caught by the cameras. So be patient, keep yourself from being fined, and keep the community’s children safe.

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