Baden Fire Department helps promote fire safety education through unique raffle at State Street Elementary School | #schoolsaftey

AMBRIDGE (KDKA) – If you heard sirens this morning in Ambridge near the State Street School – don’t worry, there was no emergency. 

Instead, a preschooler took his place as the “big man on campus” when he rolled up to school atop a firetruck. 

Silas was the lucky winner of a raffle held by the PTO. 

The Baden Fire Department brought him on board their firetruck for his very own personal escort to class on a Friday morning. 

Students were lined up outside of the school to chant and cheer him on, waving homemade signs the whole way. 

While it was a fun event and a memory that will last a lifetime, it was also for a good cause. 

It helped spread awareness and education about fire safety to those Ambridge students. 

“They’re excited, they’re excited to participate,” said Kim Roppa, a Focus Teacher at State Street Elementary School. “The winner is always extremely excited and the student body is supportive as the student gets brought in by the firetruck.” 

Chants of “Silas! Silas! Silas!” filled the area as he got his escort to school. 

Not only did he get his cool ride to school this morning, he also was gifted his very own, “Silas-sized” firetruck! 

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