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Bail for sex offender who failed to notify gardaí he was in the country | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

A sex offender who came to Ireland for a holiday and rented an apartment in Dun Laoghaire has been released on bail pending trial for failing to notify gardaí that he was in the country.

Randi Dextroy Gladston, 39, a Guyana national of no fixed abode but living in Suriname, had been deported from the UK in 2015 after being placed on the sex offender’s register there.

The construction worker appeared before Judge John Brennan at Dublin District Court on Tuesday and faced bail objections on flight-risk grounds.

Divisional Protective Services unit garda, Lee Kelly, told Judge Brennan the accused’s case is to be dealt with on indictment at the Circuit Court level, which has wider sentencing powers. The offence can carry a five-year sentence.

He said Mr Gladston had told him he had family in Suriname and he was due to get married to his partner there in three weeks.

Garda Kelly told the court Mr Gladston had booked accommodation in Dun Laoghaire for two weeks commencing on August 11 and had no ties to this jurisdiction. He booked an extra day in his €600-a-week accommodation.

Garda Lee alleged Gladston, who is a father, attempted to get a ferry to the UK on August 26 but was refused access. He had been deported from the UK eight years ago after he was placed on the sex offenders register there for an indefinite period.

The court heard he had €545 on him at the time of his arrest. The garda said that under the law, the accused should have notified gardaí of his presence in the State within seven days. Gardaí were unaware of how he came to Ireland as well, the court heard.

Pleading for bail, defence counsel Kevin McCrave said his client had been on holiday to meet with relatives coming over from the UK. The barrister explained that Gladston had missed his flight and then went on the ferry to get to Paris to catch a cheap flight back to Suriname, where he lives.

He added that Gladston wished to have the case dealt with quickly, would plead guilty and abide by any terms the court imposed.

Judge Brennan released him on €500 bail and ordered him to notify gardaí of his new address, sign on three days a week at the local gardaí station, surrender his passport and provide gardaí with a contact phone number.

Gladston, who did not address the court, was granted legal aid and ordered to appear again on October 10.

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