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Stephanie Nuzzo

Published 2 hours ago: June 5, 2023 at 5:32 pm

In case you weren’t already aware, The Great Australian Bake Off is set to hit Aussie television screens for a fresh – and different – season in 2023.  As we covered back in 2022, Bake Off said goodbye to its original squad of hosts and in 2023 is welcoming Rachel Khoo and Darren Purchese as judges, with Natalie Tran and Cal Wilson as hosts.

Great Australian Bake Off judges and hosts 2023. FOXTEL

With the series slated to kick off on FOXTEL from June 13, we thought we’d get ourselves prepared for a little baking session by asking the contestants of The Great Australian Bake Off to share their favourite baking hacks and recipes with us. Much like we do with the MasterChef Australia contestants.

So, with that, welcome to Bake Off at Home. Our first hack comes from baker Laura Foo, and while it’s incredibly simple, it’s kind of life-changing if you’re someone who uses baking paper a lot.

Bake Off at Home: Laura Foo’s baking paper hack

The Great Australian Bake Off, baking paper hack. Image supplied

Foo’s cooking hack is for anyone who has ever found themselves frustrated by attempting to get baking paper to fit into rounded tins or trays. It can feel kind of impossible, right? The paper pops up out of place and can result in a messy bake job.

Here’s what she suggested over email:

“Anytime you want to use baking paper to line a round or tart tin, cut a slightly larger piece than your tin, then scrunch it up into a ball. Once unfurled, it will fit into all the nooks, crannies and curves of your tin!

“I saw Jamie Oliver do this on one of his many fantastic shows once, and I’ve never looked back. No more struggling to cut baking paper – just scrunch, tuck [it] into your tin, and get on with your recipe.”

Can confirm that I tried this hack today, and it bloody well works.

The Great Australian Bake Off airs Tuesdays at 8.30 pm from June 13 on FOXTEL

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